Is There an Opportunity for Healthy Change Because of High Gas and Food Prices?

Every day weíre confronted with trying to make ends meet as prices of almost everything are going up. Most of us will have to make some difficult decisions to stretch our dollars. Since old habits die hard perhaps this situation can provide an impetus for many to rethink their food choices and get healthier while spending less or at least getting more nutritionally for our money.

Changing habits isnít easy because motivation often starts out high and everyone likes mystery pi vegas heist dwindles rapidly while we revert back to our old comfortable habits. None of us knows when or if prices will return to what we have become used to. While trying to look for the silver lining in a very unhappy and stressful situation, this may be an opportunity to establish some healthier food and activity habits while stretching your dollar.

Here are a few ideas that may help save some money and improve health habits as well. 

  • A regular protein intake helps to control hunger decreasing the need for over-eating and excessive snacking. Snack foods are not inexpensive.
  • Roast a whole chicken and turkey. Use the leftovers for soup, chef salads etc.
  • Shop for vegetables and fruits in season and grown locally.
  • Avoid purchasing wet produce as it weights more and may cost more.
  • Depending upon your location, farmers markets and local food stands may be a better buy than the grocery store.
  • Use left over veggies and protein the next day for a breakfast or lunch omelet.
  • Avoid already cut and washed vegetables. They cost more.
  • Eggs are still a good buy. High in protein, nutritionally sound and a better breakfast choice than cereal. A good higher protein breakfast decreases hunger.
  • Make home-made salsa, salad dressings and coleslaw. Processed items are more expensive and usually contain added sugars.
  • Old fashioned oatmeal is a much better choice than expensive, sugar-laden breakfast cereals.  
  • Buy in bulk. Individually packaged portions are more costly.
  • Shop for less expensive cuts of meat, marinate or slow cook for tenderness.
  • Look for store specials.
  • Buy store brands.
  • Make your own iced tea in bulk rather than purchase tea ready-made.
  • At the deli section get items sliced thin. They go further.
  • Eating at home is much less expensive and can be healthier. Importantly, it gives the family a chance to spend time together. Research shows that eating at home is healthier for kids and makes it easier to manage their weight. Have the kids help prepare meals. Itís a learning opportunity to teach healthier food choices and how to cook.
  • Save gas and walk more especially for short tips. How many times do you get in the car for a trip of less than a few blocks because thatís what youíre used to doing? Walk instead.
  • When itís safe ride a bike for errands rather than driving.
  • Slow down-it saves gas

You can save by avoiding expensive treats and snack items. Most are made with refined, processed flour with trans fats and added sugars. Because they have little nutritional value, other than empty calories, they create more hunger and cravings and the need for more food. So save on those items and invest in your health. In the long run youíll keep healthcare costs down and enjoy a better quality of life. 

There is no better investment you could make than in your health and the health of your family.