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I have waited patiently for two years for Gary Taubes latest book Good Calories, Bad Calories just published by Knopf. It was well worth waiting for. Not because it endorses the everyone need mystery pi heist benefits of controlling carbohydrates to manage weight and prevent disease. My more than 30 years of personally and professionally using the Atkins Lifestyle convinced me of its many benefits years ago. But because for the first time it provides an extensive narrative of how the low fat, diet heart hypothesis has mistakenly become nutritional dogma. This book can go along way in helping people who are open-minded know the facts.

While it is thorough and detailed, Taubesí book is readable for consumers interested in diet and health issues. For those who have failed to manage their weight and health using the traditional low calorie, low fat approach and are discouraged from thinking outside of the nutritional box, this book should ease your concerns. It relates how the science of low fat has been manipulated, misrepresented and misreported.

No one diet fits all. Yet this is the message that dominates the media and national health policy while health care costs for preventable chronic illnesses are escalating and more and more of us are obese. We are told to eat less and move more- even when this approach has been shown to fail we are still told to follow the same tired message.

Gary Taubes explains why this message is not correct and that other options are available and effective.

This book provides evidence how varied human responses to foods really are. It is not simply calories in-calories out. If we are to succeed in addressing obesity and its lethal consequences, weight management strategies need to be tailored to each individual and use the program that best rebalances their metabolism.

There is always much resistance to change. Keep in mind that it is never easy to admit one is wrong especially on such a monumental scale as admitting that fat isnít the dietary culprit we have been told that it is.

Powerful lobbying groups such as the drug and food industry would not be happy if people began to eat the way the human body was designed: whole foods, natural fats, more protein and far less unhealthy carbs.

Read the book and make your own decisions about what is a healthier lifestyle. Pass the book on to family or friends who may be struggling with weight concerns. Educate your healthcare provider who may not be open to new ideas. The book makes a convincing argument that what we are currently doing doesnít work and backs it up with the research.    

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