At the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine Dr. Atkins approach was based on a personalized controlled carbohydrate lifestyle, and an individualized supplement program. His goal was to minimize the use of prescription medications especially for chronic health problems. Medications are expensive, can have numerous side effects and often treat a symptom rather than address the underlying cause. Not only can this approach give one a false sense of security but also leads to unmanageable healthcare costs.

 An all too common example of this occurs in people with metabolic syndrome who often take one or more meds for high blood pressure and a statin for unhealthy lipid levels. If a low carb lifestyle was followed to lose excess body fat and normalize high insulin levels, that underlie high blood pressure and abnormal lipids, there would be little need for life-long prescription meds. At the same time this will decrease chances of pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome) becoming a full blown case of type 2 diabetes leading to more meds.

 A targeted supplement program can enhance the preventive and therapeutic effects of a healthy dietary plan. Never take supplements thinking that they will counteract the damaging effects of a poor diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Atkinsí Vita-Nutrient Solution published in the 1990s made available for the first time protocols used in his medical practice.

 Since the publication of this book much has been learned about nutrients, our need for them and how to best obtain and use them. This section will provide on-going info regarding supplement use in conjunction with a controlled carbohydrate lifestyle.     



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